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Are you tired of not seeing results on Social Media?

Social Media is becoming much harder to 'crack the code' and I know how overwhelming it can be!

Because of this, I have created specific Social Media Mentoring to take your brand to the next level. We will focus on paid advertising, where you will execute but have me overlooking your performance to ensure you're on the right track. No more courses, no more e-books, no more watching endless YouTube videos, you get 1:1 assistance from an ad expert with 13+ years industry experience.


This is for YOU if YOU are ready for:

✈️ Accelerating your already established business.

💭 Clarity on what is working & what isn't.

👫 Ensuring you have the right tools & people in place so you can focus on what you're best at.

🔥 Up-levelling your business & create more income

What's included?

This is what you can expect in our accelerator:

  • Your choice of packages that suits you!

  • From video calls to written audits & strategies, tailored for your brand.

  • I will analyse & audit your account and give you live feedback to start implementing changes today!

Who is it for?

If you don't have time to do an online course and looking for that 1:1 assistance in learning how to scale your business with paid ads! This is suited for people who already have an established business and wanting to scale. If you haven't yet started, my 1:1 Paid Ads Training will be a better option.

Why choose this training?

You will have exclusive training with me,  Adelina:

  • 13+ Years experience running Paid Ads for brands across the globe

  • Experience working with big global brands such as Mecca, Samsonite & Hallmark.

  • I have worked on campaigns from planning, to shooting, to execution, to reporting. 

  • Spent $2M+ on ads from small online businesses right up to enterprises.

  • Recently working on campaigns in the fashion industry with an ROI of x15.

  • More recently have worked with FAYT, Staple Swim, My Glow 2, Breeze Balm, Growth Bomb, Mr Bright Smile, Makeitfitwithnikki, Corcoris Group plus many more!

  • I am also experienced in all things Digital Marketing, so you have the opportunity to ask questions in this space.

Recent Feedback

Thank you so much for the training on Friday, it was SO beneficial! You’ve explained everything so well. - Annie Turner (Art Social House)

We absolutely love the ease of working with you. It has been so good working with you all these years and we love how much you get us as a brand. - Brittnay Saunders (FAYT)


Why is this done through Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global network to connect experts. This is an expansion of the work that I do now as I offer my services on a more global level. If you would prefer to contact me directly please email me

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